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If you would like to start your own web hosting company, you need a theme that’s specifically built to handle the job.  That’s why we created this list of incredible WordPress hosting themes, to save you time and energy, so you don’t have to go from site to site looking for a decent hosting theme by yourself.

Having your own hosting company is a fantastic way to earn money, especially if you’re a web designer.  Having a place where people can buy or commission a website and get hosting too, well it’s a one-stop shopping experience that your customers will really appreciate.

Host Pro

Building up your hosting business?  You’re going to want to take a look at the HostPro WordPress theme.  Want to find a creative hosting theme? Well, you’re in luck. Post Pro is creative and clean responsive and dedicated to hosting template. For your web hosting business, you’ll want only the best looking and most functional website around.

The theme works equally well for technology sites and product websites too. The list of features is extensive in this bootstrap coded beauty. The theme was built using visual composer, the convenient and Powerful, modern dad feature-rich page builder plugin. It offers a smooth page Construction experience and the user-friendly nature of it really delivers. This game is completely unresponsive and mobile-friendly, it looks great on all devices. I really value themes that offer one click demo import and host Pro does exactly that. The Redux theme options panel provides you a comprehensive and simple-to-use set of female options, they help you configure and modify everything on your website with Incredible ease.

If you’re looking for a clean and creative host template, this is a marketing solution that you can really trust. Web hosting companies can be lucrative, particularly if you have a creative agency or a web design company. You can continue to make a little bit of money every month by letting people post their website on your web hosting servers. It’s really a smart way to integrate an ongoing cash flow solution with your web design business. Even if you have a slow month in terms of web design, you can still make money by hosting websites. That never gets old.

Arka Host

Arka Host has been the best selling hosting theme on ThemeForest since it was released, with well over 2000 sales and a very solid rating of 4.78, it’s high quality and people seem to love it.  Visual Composer means you can drag and drop elements wherever you need them, so flexibility of design is definitely not going to be an issue.  I think for certain sites, particularly ones where there’s a lot of technical stuff you have to get right, it’s great to have some strong levels of support backing the theme.  Arka Host was created by ThemeForest ‘elite’ levels authors, so it’s well made and well supported.  I think that’s really important.


This is SuperHost, one of the premium WordPress hosting themes created by Theme Chilly, the absolute leaders in WordPress hosting themes.  This totally responsive theme includes WHMCS Order Form Template, which is critical for building the best web hosting business that you can build.  This one page theme is great for all sorts of web hosting companies, shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and more.  With a very affordable price, you get to spend more time building your business and less time messing around with building and updating a custom built site.  But Theme Chilly makes it so you can add your own branding touches so your site will look totally unique, which is a big bonus.

With a built in contact form, you can help your clients quickly and efficiently, there are attractive hover effects, a VPS slider, extensive documentation and more.  The support from Theme Chilly is fantastic, the support is fast and friendly, not to mention knowledgeable.  There is so much going on in this theme, you’ve absolutely got to consider it if you’re looking for a web hosting template to get your business off the ground in style.


There are a lot of great hosting themes for WordPress in this collection and probably a whole bunch more out there that I’m forgetting to add, but one thing you should consider, you don’t have to actually have a dedicated demo site that looks like a web hosting company.  That, along with my thought that Theme Trust is one of the very best WordPress theme makers around, is what made me add Theme Trust’s Weston theme to this list.  It’s a general purpose, all around theme that uses Visual Composer for massive amounts of flexibility in design and features.  That’s what allows you to add a plugin like Web Hosting or others.  All you need to get started is a fresh installation of WooCommerce, a ResellerClub account and access to WHM.  You can register and transfer domain names through ResellerClub, customers can manage their domains from their my-account area and the plugin even automatically creates and emails invoices monthly or annually to customers.  Pretty neat, it’s a hosting company in a lightweight plugin.


Veda is a dynamic, multipurpose theme that is ideal for setting up a hosting company using WordPress.  WordPress isn’t just about blogging anymore!  Veda comes with over 200 demo sites, which may seem overwhelming, but it’s really not.  If you need to set up a hosting company, this demo is all you need.  Veda is bbPress ready, it supports WooCommerce and it’s powered by Visual Composer, so it’s fantastically flexible.  Veda has a responsive design, it’s well documented and if you want to get into the hosting business, it’s probably what you’ve been looking for.  Take a look at the features and all of the demos below.

This is a true multi-purpose theme for WordPress that comes with a lot of incredible features and dozens of different demo sites to show off the wide range of functionality you get with this truly premium theme.  One of these demo sites shows what you can accomplish with Veda when building your own hosting company website.  Visual Composer allows you to create pages with ease, making them look exactly like you want them to look, with the features you need to run a web hosting business with WordPress.  An incredible array of shortcodes, over 100 to be exact, help to add functionality and flexibility to your site’s design.  From complicated animations to the simplest of buttons, these short codes make it simple to customize your theme without having to install a bunch of costly extras that may not be compatible with the theme itself.  That’s pretty handy.

Veda is perfectly compatible with a lot of the most popular plugins and addons for WordPress, like WooCommerce, Slider Revolution, bbPress as well as BuddyPress, Contact Form 7, Layer Slider 5, Visual Composer (plus Ultimate Addon for VC), Events Calendat, Zopim Chat and more.  For WooCommerce, there are two distinct shopw, which will help frame your hosting packages as you sell them to your customers.  Like we said, this theme is premium all the way.   Veda is an incredibly functional theme and I think it could be a wonderful choice for a hosting company.


Created by a very accomplished developer, MaxHost is one of the leading entries in the hosting company template field.  The MaxHost theme comes chock-full and crammed with qualities that can help make it a cinch to create your own hosting company.  MaxHost kicks things off with WooCommerce, which is the best free eCommerce cart around.  Why not use the best, right?  Next, WHMCS is included.  Absolutely critical.  This is the plugin that makes building a webhosting company possible, it automates the vast majority of tasks that are required to get the job done.  Automation is the future!


Satria is a professional hosting theme for WordPress.  If you’re a hosting reseller who wants to go into business, Satria is a theme that can be used to offer up great hosting services.  There are four separate design layouts included in this robust, powerful template.  This responsive theme is retina ready and includes the PSD files, which is a nice bonus.  Boasting a clean and simple design, there is also extensive documentation included to help you get up to speed quickly.  Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud VPS…it doesn’t matter what kinds of services you offer, they will look professional with this design.  There are clean and crisp elements like a pricing table, so you can offer different levels of service, like a personal account, business or enterprise level packages, each with a different price attached.


This is a hosting company in a box.  That’s a powerful thing, particularly if you don’t want to have to code an entire website from scratch.

Made by WordPress Showcase and based on the Twitter Boostrap framework with clean HTML5 and CSS3 code, HostHubs is meant to take the stress and strain out of crafting a professional, full service hosting company site.  There’s a ton that has to go into every hosting company, so having a theme that’s built from the ground up to handle the traffic and the server load of a popular hosting company, it’s really a big thing.

Cloud servers, dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS, you can offer all the most popular web hosting services from your very own domain.  Compatible with WHMCS, HostHubs has everything you need to craft a high tech, easy to use host site.

Hosting other peoples’ websites can be a lucrative business and if you get started now, you can start earning recurring income each tome somebody signs up for a monthly or yearly plan.  For web design companies, that money can really multiply.  It’s the power of passive income and I absolutely love passive income.

Your website is earning money, even while you’re asleep.

Here’s a shot at the customer login page.  Simple and effective.

Sure, there are other hosting templates available like MaxHost or Easy Host, but I really like the look of HostHubs.  Check out the plans and pricing page.  It’s simple, clean, completely responsive and nicely arranged.  Flexible too, which is a key component to any great website.

The HostHubs blog page is simple too, helping you stay in contact with your customers and potential customers alike.  It’s a really fantastic platform for helping you create new customers ass well, since a constantly updated blog is an evergreen source of traffic for your website.  There are unlimited front page styles to choose from too, so it’s not just your blog that’s going to look exactly like you want it to look.

Live Chat, helpdesk tickets, knowledge base pages, those are all critical for running any business, but particularly important for a web host.  With HostHubs, they’re all just as crystal clear as the pages I’ve shown you above.

You can even sell domain names!

Diversity is the key to earning passive income and with HostHubs, you get multiple streams to make a little money from every month.  And since this theme is so incredibly smooth and easy to use, you’re definitely going to get a lot of folks who want to sign up for your services.

So, that’s HostHubs for you.  What do you think?  If you choose this theme, we’d love to hear your own personal review of it to go along with ours.  Stay tuned for more great reviews in the near future.


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