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This is a collection of the very best WordPress technology support themes around. Offering your clients incredible tech support is a big deal, you need people to trust in your product and also to know that your organization is in addition to all issues that might occur while using your products. That is where these WordPress themes for technology support get involved. These themes are professional and polished, ideal for offering support for hardware, software, programs, games…even WordPress themes!


Lune is definitely a skillfully engineered, gorgeous, novel and advanced Bootstrap built WP theme which can help you develop the online business of your wishes, a truly creative paradise for folks who want a beautiful landing page with a wonderful design. This Bootstrap theme is high-powered, it has been painstakingly crafted with every type of user at heart, from novice to professional. With the latest Bootstrap CSS and HTML, this WordPress theme is ideal for blogs and enterprises of any variety, since this template is a really energetic and cool multi-use website template, ideal for absolutely everyone. Even if you may be are unfamiliar with WP, you can utilize this WordPress theme to generate a cool and remarkable site quickly, because basically everything in this design may be edited, even by neophyte WP buyers. It really doesn’t make any difference what sort of subject matter you have got, from pictures to articles, goods or posts, this theme will help you to generate a good looking theme on virtually any device, since it truly is wholly responsive too. There are numerous additional features that can assist you generate spectators and genuinely make them happy.

This website is set up very fast and there are plenty of plugins which you can use to give different functions for your web blog. A beautiful responsive designed web page is very important, that is why this wonderful, adaptive template has been created to be responsive, in order that it appears fantastic on any kind of device or computer, no matter. You can quickly develop your own one of a kind versions utilizing this template, because it is so versatile and vibrant, skillfully developed and designed in every way. This is an undoubtedly fantastic Bootstrap WordPress theme that you ought to absolutely examine.


This is Create, a wonderful theme by Theme Trust that could be ideal for a tech support platform. It is a full featured small business theme with plenty of flexibility and if you go ahead and set up a plugin such as Zendesk for WordPress or Help Scout, it is possible to turn Produce into a full fledged helpdesk theme for giving excellent tech support for your goods. I suggest Zendesk personally, it is free and it makes for a excellent platform for letting your customers and clients create aid tickets for getting support with issues that they may encounter. Having a single sign-in and remote consent, merely to make things simpler for everyone.

That’s a terrific thing, because a dedicated support ticket system is easy to use and powerful. Produce uses a drag and drop system to offer you the maximum degree of flexibility, WooCommerce service, beautiful blog and portfolio choices and much more.

Zerif Pro

zerif pro wordpress tech support themes

So, this is Zerif Pro, which is one of the best selling business themes around, but it’s also a great choice for building a tech support website.  All you have to do is install a plugin like HelpScout and you can create a full featured tech support site that people will really find useful.  For businesses who want a great solution for both website and tech support, this is a great idea.  Since some of the tech support themes on this list come with built in styles and features, you might not get a site that looks exactly like you want it to look.  That’s not the case with Zerif, which has a cool and highly flexible style that your visitors will love.  It’s easy to use, easy to edit and really easy to provide customer support no matter what field you’re in.

You can also take advantage of Easy Digital Downloads integration and there’s also the  WooCommerce Help Scout plugin, which are what you need to mesh your site with HelpScout.


Despite its enigmatic name, the X WordPress theme has won kudos as one that is very non-coder-friendly since even those with no knowledge in web design and coding can use it to make highly-responsive and attractive websites. I think that makes it perfect for a tech support theme.  One of the things that make it stand out is the sheer number of extensions it comes with, which are designed to greatly improve site functionality. More code-savvy users will appreciate its clean code, which eliminates unnecessary code that can cause the site to load slowly. It is a great theme for both amateur and professional web developers. The package comes with four unique designs (called “stacks”) that come with their own unique skins, functionality, features and styles. But, don’t worry; these stacks are customizable simply by overwriting the styling using a child theme that you create. Each stack is designed to be most effective for particular users, although anyone can use them. The Integrity stack, for instance, is best for entrepreneurs and small business owners since it is multifunctional and can be adopted for a host of requirements. Each stack has its own demo content, which you can download so that it can be quickly applied to the website you’re designing; there are 33 demos in all that you can choose from.

X features a proprietary page builder tool dubbed Cornerstone. Cornerstone is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so that anybody can use it to create custom page layouts. The newest version comes with a host of new extensions, including UberMenu, Superfly, Typekit Integration, ConvertPlug, Envira Gallery, Essential Goal and Content Dock, for no extra cost. There are also plug-ins for integrating the site with Google Analytics, Facebook Comments and MailChimp. Other features include free support and updates, 20 training videos on Internet marketing, 400 vectorized icon fonts, 41 built-in short-codes and video and text tutorials on WordPress and how to use WordPress themes.





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