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For musicians, there’s nothing that can top the feeling of playing to a live crowd.  It’s thrilling, exhilarating and flat out fun.  If you want to find a WordPress theme that can help you attract massive crowds to listen to your music, you’re in the right place.  This collection is the only resource you’ll ever need to create an amazing, memorable website to help promote your music career.

Music is incredibly important, it surrounds our life daily.  It has an uncanny ability to be a part of every aspect of our lives.  Thanks to the rise in streaming services, you can now listen to practically any song on any device you choose, on demand and in the comfort of your own home, car, workplace or just while walking around the park.  It’s really neat to see this new music revolution taking place right before our eyes.   In the past, it might have been difficult for an up and coming musician, DJ or band to put together a high quality website and it would likely have cost thousands of dollars.  Fortunately, with WordPress and a great looking music theme, a high quality website is within your grasp at a reasonable price.

We’ve selected only the absolute best WordPress music themes for this collection.  These user-friendly themes are ideal for bands, for musicians, for small to medium sized record labels, for DJs and even radio stations.  If you see a theme in this collection, you can guarantee it’s a high quality theme that’s well supported and has all of the features you need to make a great website that delivers an amazing user experience.


Lovers is a WordPress theme that is all about musical events, musical groups, bands and musicians or anything in creative and related to the music industry. This theme is clean and bold, it offers a unique design and it’s the perfect way to power any music related website. If you want a custom look for your WordPress paste website, you’re in luck, because lovers is highly optimized a bowl and customizable. The steam loads up fast and there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it.


Mixtape is a really attractive looking WordPress theme, but it’s so much more than just another pretty face. This theme is ideal for artists who work with audio, for DJs and bands, but it’s also perfect for music festivals as well. There are several different built-in music players that you can use to give your visitors a taste of your Musical style and what you have to offer. This theme is fully responsive, includes an online shopping cart, blog and image gallery options as well. This theme is easy to customize and easy to use, I think it’s really one of the better music related WordPress themes I seen this year.


Zample is a fresh WordPress theme for music and musicians. There are eight different homepage samples to show you what this team can do and I think that they all make a really big impact. Zample is a WordPress theme that is firmly focused on showing you exactly what you need to know with just one page. I think that’s a really interesting concept for a music theme and I think it really could help to promote a new album or a Music Tour. If you’re not really into having a complicated website, you just want something to sell a few products and maybe play some music, I think this is a great option. Anyone in the entertainment industry could benefit from the attention to details, the flexibility and the high performance of this template.


Glytch WordPress music theme that has a truly unique visual style and a huge set of fun, cool and hip predefined homepages. There are homepage styles with Urban feel, there’s homepage for an e-commerce website, one with a parallax showcase, another with engaging interactive links. There’s a built-in the splash page, a video showcase and a Blog home page as well. This music theme has proven to be quite popular and its first few months on the market, it’s been downloaded over 350 times with a nearly perfect 4.9 rating on themeforest. Glytch gives you plenty of different options to stream your music to all of your listeners. I think this template is great for musicians, creative artists and anyone working in the entertainment industry. There are a bunch of terrific features that can add flexibility and high performance, giving you everything you need to create a professional music website rapidly, even if you are a beginner at WordPress.


Ultra is a whole WordPress theme making kit in one itty-bitty, small download. It is true, there is practically nothing you can not do using the Ultra WordPress theme. You will find two of these to pick from and that amount is growing each and every single day, by many different sites to bureaus, program promo pages and eBook revenue, every one crafted with a gorgeous, simple and elegant flat style fashion. Ultra is a easy to use premium WordPress theme, eCommerce prepared, perfect for portfolios and blogs alike. Regardless of what type of business you are in, a flat style theme such as Ultra could be the ideal option, because flat style themes do not remove from the material onto the webpage. This means you have the flexibility to make the type of site you have always desired. And should you get bored with it, then the flexibility of a drag and drop page builder ensures you always have the option to make any adjustments you want without needing to do some coding.  For more personal blog WordPress themes, you can have a look at our full collection of templates to get some ideas.


This theme, Kentha, describes itself as the ultimate responsive music WordPress theme. This theme as an audio visualizer, a nonstop music player and it’s great for artists, podcast, events and play more. This team has nearly Limitless potential to be the perfect portal for musicians, bands, DJs, music labels, singers and clubs. The possibilities are completely unlimited and you will never have to know a single bit about coding a WordPress theme to achieve your goals. This theme is completely Visionary, the visuals are striking and well-designed, no matter what type of music you produce. There are a number of different home page styles to fit almost any needs. There’s a full screen video background, multiple menu designs and a super responsive mobile first style that allows people to access your content even on the go. This theme is certainly among the very best out there in its Niche so I will look and see what you think.


Mozo is a WordPress theme of for musicians and bands. This theme is described as the ultimate Niche WordPress portfolio theme for the music industry. It’s great for fans, music producers, musicians and artists working in the music industry. Even if you have zero programming skills, you’ll be able to achieve a great-looking website quickly and efficiently. If you’re a more advanced WordPress user, this team is flexible and dynamic enough to give you exactly what you envision. You can upload videos, show tour dates with a well-styled 2 or page, there are plenty of stylistic choices to help create a well-rounded and attractive music related website. Google Maps is integrated, there are Parallax sections for full height options, smooth page Transitions and endless page layout possibilities. This team has a dedicated mobile responsive design that looks great on all smart phones and other devices. This team is certainly well worth considering and worth the relatively reasonable price tag as well.


Slide is a full-featured music WordPress theme that is absolutely suitable for musicians, bands, artists and anyone working in the recording industry. This is all about creativity and it shows with the latest, trendy design. Slider Revolution and WP Bakery Page Builder are included to help make content management simple and enjoyable. There are other outstanding features like the one click demo import, a visual page builder to allow you to design pages and posts to look just the way you want them to. For musical events, this theme allows you to promote whatever you have coming up with these. There are flexible music players, two different events layout and a pair of discography layouts as well. If you really want to grow your fanbase, I having an attractive and responsive WordPress theme like a Slide is a key component. Building your audience on the Internet is a bit of a challenge, a theme as helpful as this one can really make your job a whole lot easier.

The Pasquales

The Pasquales is a music, band, recording artist and DJ WordPress theme that is modern and highly functional way to build a great-looking and Powerful website. If you’ve got a recording studio, a nightclub or if you are a music producer, this is flexible, easy-to-use and intuitive website is packed with the kinds of features and plugins that you are looking for. The steam comes fully equipped with an online music player, allowing your fans to listen to your recordings right there on your website. This is a great way to show off all sorts of recordings, whether they are soundboard captures or Studio releases. You can even sell merch and albums with WooCommerce, the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress. This also allows you to sell digital downloads and tickets. If you got an upcoming event, this is a great way to take control over how you sell your tickets. This certainly is one of the best looking WordPress themes out there for the music industry with dozens of different layouts and a modern the, functional style that a lot of people releasing to love.  Want some additional WooCommerce WordPress theme options?  Well, we’ve got you covered.

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