Simple WordPress Themes, User Friendly for Great Experience

We aim to please with this collection of simple, easy to use, user friendly and minimalist themes.  They’re clean, simple to use, simple to customize and they’ll help create a wonderful experience for all of your readers.


Especially for professional artists, social media channels are not enough to display their work. It is extremely important for these people to have their digital portfolio ready all the time. This does not mean having just any site but a professional one.  For such a purpose, there are WordPress photography themes like Bramble that can be utilized to generate the perfect photography portfolio.

WordPress photography themes like Bramble automatically come with a user-friendly page builder that allows users to customize their sites via a drag and drop component; no PHP or HTML backgrounds are needed here.  It is compatible with Google fonts which opens more doors in the creativity department for those who want to take full advantage of advanced typography. The layout is also responsive, so regardless of what device is used, the site will always look its best and function properly.

If needed, users can embed a map into the homepage and pricing tables can also be created. Equipped with a contact form plugin, WordPress photography themes like Bramble offer a way for users to extend support to potential clients with ease.  Aside from multimedia files organized into different categories, it is also possible for users to create an on-page blog for even more valuable content to be shared on-site. Aside from this, the theme is also WooCommerce ready so unique merchandise can easily be sold by the site owner.

Grace Under Pressure

The simple and fully responsive Grace Under Pressure WordPress theme provides such an amazing solution for anyone who needs a website or blog online that you should let go of your mouse and stop searching once you discover it. Installation and customization are highly user-friendly and, once your site is complete and active, readers will not be able to stay away. The visitor navigation system hides automatically when not in use so their browsing experience will be carefree. Grace Under Pressure’s easy to use administrative control panel allows you to change many design features with ease and add more move elements and content blocks where they will capture the attention of visitors.

Choosing this WP theme means never touching a line of code or getting headaches because you do not understand how to implement one of the outstanding features you want to use. If you clicks of the mouse and you can change the font options and typography styles for every piece of content on your website. If you are running a multi-author blog, Grace Under Pressure offers a unique profile system complete with avatar and biography. This allows readers to follow their favorite author and learn more about them. Any change you make can be previewed before making it live so your fans will never see any errors or awkward configurations. The developers included plenty of helpful user manuals to help you take advantage of all the options. If you still have not decided if the Grace Under pressure WordPress theme is right for you, take a look at its live preview.


Sometimes, you want the opposite of a minimal theme, you want a theme that really stands out from the other options with a completely different take on what makes a good website.  That’s Empire 2.  What sets this template apart?  For one thing, it offers a movable menu, which is really unique and different.  You can move the menu to the left, to the right…or even center it.  It’s got an HTML5 MP3 player unit built right into the menu too, so you can let visitors play your songs as the browse your website.  Perfect for musicians and bands who want something that other websites don’t offer.  It’s not just the menu either, but the entire layout of this theme is totally novel, with background images and several layers of content to wow your audience.


This theme is called Tabor, it’s by a developer called ThemeBeans, who created Tabor to be as simple, as clean and user friendly as possible, for fast loading times, great performance and to help present your content in an attractive and simple way.  I think it succeeds.  Want a simple, stripped down WP theme that’s all about performance?  This Tabor theme should be on your short list.  ThemeBeans has removed anything that wasn’t absolutely required from this theme and it shows in the load times.  This theme does it all!  Tabor offers integration with all the ‘must have’ plugins, social media integration too.  So, bloat free, compatible with all the plugins you need to run a professional website and simple and attractive too, that’s what Tabor is all about.


If you’re looking for a delightfully simple, clean, modern and feminine blog theme to showcase your writing, personal or professional projects, images, videos and other content, Highfill could be a great choice.  This modern theme is ideally suited for a great looking blog, since it’s easy to set up, you can begin blogging almost instantly and your posts will look fantastic.  I love the typography, the efficient use of white space and the impact that your images will deliver with this template.  You’ll be able to tell your unique personal story in a way that’s engaging to readers and that’s clear too.  Your storytelling is bound to improve with a wonderful theme like Highfill, whether it’s recipes and cooking tips, a stylish travel journal, the latest fashion trends, best of lists or really anything you can think of.  Perfect for lifestyle bloggers.

Highfill features five blog layouts right out of the box, hundreds of Google fonts, it’s perfectly responsive, utilizes a handful o fcustom widgets for social links, popular posts and banner ads, allows you to add an Instagram feed at the bottom of your page, it’s translation ready and more.  Highfill is ready for any kind of blogging with several post types, featured post sliders, and more.  Highfill is a definite possibility if you need a straightforward blog theme that really is simple to use.


Best WordPress Minimalist Themes

This well built, easy to use, adaptable, modern and stunning theme enables you to contact customers, supervise shipping and your stock, market brand new products, expand your small business and market old products and a lot more.

WordPress is an excellent method to start or rebrand a business online, even if you don’t happen to be a specialist in programming, because it may be straightforwardly adjusted to match your preferences. This modern style looks exceptional on any device since it’s designed to be responsive. If you’re setting up an online business, potential customers are obviously vital and enabling them to gain access to your website at anyplace at any time is crucial.

WooCommerce offers all the equipment that you need to start a business fast and effectively and this eye-catching, well-designed and trendy eCommerce template is the 1st step on a path to developing your own business. No matter if you are selling boots or shoes, clothes, gadgets, downloadable items like films, video, mp3s or software program, this theme is an ideal selection because it’s so flexible.

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