Amazing, High Quality and Fun WordPress BuddyPress Community Themes

Has it already been 10 years? Wow, that’s incredible to me! Buddypress, the absolute best, most high quality and premier Social Networking plugin for WordPress, was made back, while trying to incorporate social networking capabilities to some site that has been powered by WordPress MU. The first stable release was in May and since that time, Buddypress has changed and grown a lot, from very fundamental to a powerful tool that allows you to create entire social network sites easily. There are a whole bunch of premium and free Buddypress themes out there to choose from and also a massive number of useful plugins available for WordPress and BuddyPress that actually expand the awesome built in features and allow you power your attributes and functionality.  For more WordPress Buddypress themes, we’ve made the absolute best collection on the web for you to enjoy.

(M) is a social networking in a box, so to speak. This Buddypress theme Is a contemporary hub for enlightenment and discussion, filled up with amazing features to make an incredibly professional and well designed social network. Should you need a site where people can really feel free to communicate together, a Buddypress empowered theme is crucial. I believe (M) is a fantastic choice.


Sahifa is certainly one of the best, most exceptionally popular Buddypress And bbPress themes I’ve seen. Flexible also, Sahifa is intended for sites and news sites too, with lots of options for helping people interact on your own website. Sahifa is tidy, responsive and includes a built in testimonials engine, so your articles can really get the dialogue and interaction started. With more than 10,000 downloads and counting, Sahifa is well documented and well supported too.

Salutation Salutation is mobile ready, so if you are building a bbpress theme website or a Buddypress neighborhood, Salutation will enable your members to communicate on almost any mobile device they have. This is a well recorded and well supported theme too.



Creatif is a simple, but tasteful Buddypress and bbPress theme, constructed With community in your mind. Mojo themes is the only one to offer this amazing theme and they do a fantastic job of making sure only the finest designs are readily available. You can even get this theme installed for a small fee if that’s something you need. Regardless of what you need, Creatif can help get your community started quickly and have it looking like you need it in almost no time.


The best Buddypress themes are kind of like a social network in a box, and Xphoria is that. Xphoria allows you to construct a social networking for college, a company, sports team or even a niche area. I have seens ome really cool examples with Xphoria. Xphoria is a theme integrated with BuddyPress & bbPress, therefore your members can enroll and start creating profiles, sharing info, posting messages, researching, producing and interacting in groups, creating connections, learning and much more.


OneCommunity is an Buddypress enabled theme, so it lets you quickly Create an online community of like minded individuals. If you would like to enable your visitors to register to produce profiles, message each other, create forums, create connections, create nd connect via groups and more, subsequently OneCommunity is a great theme to choose. If you would like to construct a market community to get a sports team, a shared hobby or interest, a school or a company, a bbPress and Buddypress template such as OneCommunity is just the thing you want.


Mingle is a rock solid, stone-code stunner of a WordPress theme and on top of that, it’s BuddyPress ready! What is a Buddypress magazine WordPress theme? Well, it is a social media plugin which permits you to create an online community. Your members, as soon as they’re enrolled, will be able to take part in a completely functional, full service community on your webpage. BuddyPress allows all of your customers and members interact in forums, groups, buddy links, status updates, private messaging and a lot more. The same as Facebook and other sites, you’ll really be helping to generate interaction and connections. Mingle’s admin attributes make this a cinch too.

GrandMag That is quick to load and it’s purely responsive in design. GrandMag has a built in reviews engine, so your members can review each of your articles and choose which is their favorite. Buddypress is all about connections, so members may join groups based on their interests. Together with Grand Magazine, you will have an efficient online community portal site for gaming, fashion, restaurant, sports or another niche oriented site.


BSocial is a excellent social magazine and Buddypress theme that Highlights all your content using a sleek and organized home page that features modern styling and a picture carousel. And enjoyable. Connecting with individuals can be a lot of fun. Purchase
Cinematix Buddy Press theme is incorporated with bbPress. That means, users can register on your website to start making online profiles and much more. Let them post messages, create connections with other members make groups and socialize.  Great for a video portfolio!  So far more also. Buddypress enables you to construct a community that you want. They call it a social networking in a box. That is true, in my opinion. Cinematiz has a whole lot of color schemes and you’ll be able to create more in you don’t locate a preset you enjoy. Cinematix, like the name suggest, could be excellent for a movie, movie, TV or film based community. Think of the possibilities!

Explicit is a lively, well crafted magazine and Buddypress theme With built-in reviews. Add in groups and forum and you’ve got a stage where people can interact and communicate their thoughts and ideas. Explicit has a swipe driven master slider, infinite loading, and four preset testimonials fashions. Oh, and with boundless ratings criteria, there is absolutely nothing you can not use this theme for. It’s certainly among the best and most popular reviews engines we’ve seen and perfect for creating an online community with WordPress.

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